EAST BAY EXPRESS: Picks Sean Talley & Kate Bonner


"Important Projects has cleared out the perpetual cocktail party that was its previous exhibition to make way for two Bay Area artists, Sean Talley and Kate Bonner. Both explore the possibilities of pushing canonical approaches — abstract line drawing in Talley’s case, landscape photography in Bonner’s — through unexpected technological hoops. Emphasizing “unassuming materials and refined processes,” Talley describes his forms with digital software, then applies them to paper via graphite powder. Ceramic lattices and nests, the artist’s latest interests, formally riff off of the drawings. Meanwhile, Bonner warps her landscapes through a process of digital manipulation, cutting, printing and photocopying, ultimately winding up with sculptural works mounted on MDF board. The conceptual concern here is with the notion of editing — an act of clarification or concealment, sometimes simultaneously. Some works articulate their content more emphatically in sculpture form. Others, severely fragmented, look like puzzles with some key pieces missing. Sean Talley and Kate Bonner run through December 7, at Important Projects (5432 Boyd Ave., Oakland). ImportantProjects.net"

— Alex Bigman